Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Um, yeah...

So I forgot I had a blog...whoops. We have actually been busy. There have been family members that have left us to go home to God. We have taken trips, done projects and have just had fun.

We had a rough beginning. Our official start day came without issues but it lasted a week before my grandmother fell ill and passed away. Man, I do miss her. We didn't really miss any study time because we were so far ahead anyway.

October brought our lessons on the origins of Halloween and our modern traditions. We also took on studies of the seasons. Math brought new things our way as I decided to take Bubba back to basics...yes, he now does well with place values and line symmetry. I really recommend this site http://www.linkslearing.org . There are areas for students, teachers, and more.

November had us learning about the Pilgrims (a word which I was misspelling until my 6 year old corrected me, lol) and their trip to the New World. That led us to the first Thanksgiving. Math for November has consisted of fractions and addition of larger numbers that require carrying numerals. Bubs is still working on multiplication in his spare time.

We also took a trip in November from Florida to Indiana. It was one big field trip. Give me a bit and I will set an entire post on the trip and what was learned.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My own little "Bill Nye the Science Guy"...

or, Bubba has a Scientific mind!

I love it! Bubba has truly blown my mind.

He and Sissa had watermelon in a plastic baggie and were snacking on our way home today. Bub was squishing his to bits, and I was about to get onto him for wasting when he said "look, Mama. I made digestion"! He went on to tell me that the zippy part of the bag was a mouth to chew the watermelon and now it was squishing up in the stomach. Now, who can be mad at that?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am having so much fun!

I really am. The past few days have centered around getting our educational goals set for the year. I can proudly say that, by George, I think we've got it!

I have been searching so many educational websites today and I hope we get to try all the ones that I bookmarked. I will be reviewing them as we use them, so keep reading.

I feel like I need to clarify a few things. Even though we were learning this summer it wasn't anything formal. I really needed to do a trial run before we dove head first into home education. I do believe that we passed the first test. I wanted to have more of an unschool environment, but I have gotten into all the curricula and I find that I am not nearly creative enough to make every day things seem educational. That is why I have set up educational goals for the year. I believe Bubba does better learning on his own, but he does need to be nudged in the right direction to keep on track.

Fall will be interesting, to say the least. I can't wait for September 14th!

Monday, August 10, 2009

When Life Gets in the Way or Why I am a bad Blogger

Boy did I get behind. I greatly apologize, life happens.

What wonderful opportunities for learning we have had! We have gotten some real first hand knowledge of illnesses, including some that cause rashes and about the life cycles and eating habits of dragonflies.

Yes, we believe that Chicken Pox is alive and well. As is an insane stomach bug. That is truly all I have to say about Summer illness in our home!

We have had several dragonfly pairs lay eggs in our small pond out front. The eggs have hatched and we now have 10 or more very hungry, aggressive dragonfly nymphs. They have attacked and eaten nearly all of the mosquito larvae in there!

I also have a change to report: Our "official" start date is September 14th. I couldn't see beginning before Labor day, so I chose the next Monday. And it IS official...I have sent in the required notice of intent to home educate to the county school district! WOOT! I can't wait, so excited.

I will also have Bubba blog and write on here. So, look forward to seeing his outlook on his home education experience.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Joy of Summer

Bubba has been doing very, very well.

I decided not to begin a full home school schedule yet. We will be beginning full time on Sept. 1. With that being said, we are still working on lessons and games from http://www.brainpop.com

I have also been searching free curriculum's online. We will be using curriculum ideas from http://www.guesthollow.com and this site http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/index.htm has many things to explore and use.

I have also looked into Charlotte Mason, and have found that I really like the idea that children should know poetry and to have them do copy work. So on that note, I went and borrowed Falling up by Shel Silverstein. I figure that the kiddos will enjoy his work.

I cannot wait to get everything up and running.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a small note.

Sorry that I have not updated recently. We have been very active and I have a lot to report. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until Bub and Sis go to bed.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Progress for 1-2 July

Well, we've been very productive! I made some worksheets on mathematics, on science, Spanish and language arts with art.

Bub has been working on addition and subtraction, to and from 20. He finished those sheets and asked me for multiplication! So, off I went to make some multiplication worksheets for him. He did both the 1's and 2's times tables and did a small sheet on random multiplication numbers. Should I say that he got it all with very little instruction?

I had him write a short story on our trip to the river and draw a picture to go with it for Language arts with art. Here is his story:

"I like the river because it is cool! I did a float spin."
Giggle! The picture he drew is of him in the float ring, spinning down river. There is also a fish in a bucket.
I also made a sheet up on a few basic Spanish words and a phrase we use almost daily. He had to read the Spanish word/phrase and write the English word/phrase next to it. He got all but 1 without help.
He has also done a quiz on Pill Bugs. He got the 7 questions mostly right. We are working on the items he left out of his answers.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of June...

Today is Tuesday, June 30, 2009. Tomorrow is July 1st. Bubba told me this just a few minutes ago. He also told me that there are 11 days until he is 6. What a smart little stinker!

Bub has been doing math in his head today. He asked me what 25+25+25+25 was. I asked him what HE thought the answer is and he told me 100. Then he asked about 50+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+50, and he answered that is was 500. I believe it is time to make an addition worksheet for him to work on.

Right now, they are listening to music and dancing around the living room.

Monday, June 29, 2009

End of Our First Week

This has been a wonderful week. Bubba has learned a bit more Spanish and is using it properly. We had a field trip to the library where we picked up books on hurricanes, pill bugs, map making, and an Arthur book.

Saturday and yesterday found us at Perdido River. We had a great time swimming, chasing fish and butterflys, walking in the woods, and socializing with other familys. The only problem I have with going out there is that the water is still slightly polluted. I have a feeling people are still Muddin through the river somewhere upstream, as there is a faint oil/gas smell to the water.

Education wise, here is what has been accomplished this week.

*Geography: Bubba was able to place 30 out of the 50 states in the proper area on a blank map. He is able to draw the Continental US very well and add states in his drawing.

*Biology: Learned about freshwater fish (Bass and Catfish) and Butterfly life cycles.

*Ecology: Learned why we do not dump garbage, fuel, oil, and other toxins in unapproved places. Explained the repercussions of litter and unethical dumping.

*Earth Science: Has read and continues to read and learn about hurricanes.

*Physical: Using major muscles to swim, run, and dance.

*Reading: This week Bubba has read Arthur Lost in a Museum, Maps, Pillbugs, Hurricanes- Witness to Disaster by Judy and Dennis Fradin, and Hurricanes by Seymour Simon.

Bubba has been playing educational games at http://www.addictinggames.com/showdown

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh Weather Channel...

Thank you for Hurricane Week. It has been a wonderful catalyst for Summer science, history, and cartography lessons.

This week, we will be focusing on hurricane development, the whys and hows of charting hurricanes and on storms such as Ivan that have hit in our area. I also will be teaching hurricane safety by having Bubba help me make our shopping list for a Hurricane kit.

This afternoon finds us getting ready for a trip to the local library. I can't wait to see what treasures we find today.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wow...Here we are

I am not sure where to begin, as we are just beginning to home school.

Bubba is a 6 year old child gifted with the love of learning and the ability to pick up knowledge on his own. He taught himself to read at 2, and was writing many words by 3. He has picked up the Spanish language originally by watching Dora the Explorer and Diego, but has turned to immersing himself in the language by watching the TV channel, Vme. He loves to use the computer. He has several sites that he navigates himself, such as http://www.vmetv.com , http://www.noggin.com , http://www.poissonrouge.com , http://www.brainpop.com (a pay site), and many more.

He has been tested and found to be "gifted". He is, however, learning to overcome social and sensory issues. He has fine and large motor skills problems and a congenital heart defect.

Sissa is 3. We will be letting her tag on with our learning experience until she actively asks to be included. She is more physical than Bubba. She likes to dance, run, climb and ride trikes.