Thursday, July 2, 2009

Progress for 1-2 July

Well, we've been very productive! I made some worksheets on mathematics, on science, Spanish and language arts with art.

Bub has been working on addition and subtraction, to and from 20. He finished those sheets and asked me for multiplication! So, off I went to make some multiplication worksheets for him. He did both the 1's and 2's times tables and did a small sheet on random multiplication numbers. Should I say that he got it all with very little instruction?

I had him write a short story on our trip to the river and draw a picture to go with it for Language arts with art. Here is his story:

"I like the river because it is cool! I did a float spin."
Giggle! The picture he drew is of him in the float ring, spinning down river. There is also a fish in a bucket.
I also made a sheet up on a few basic Spanish words and a phrase we use almost daily. He had to read the Spanish word/phrase and write the English word/phrase next to it. He got all but 1 without help.
He has also done a quiz on Pill Bugs. He got the 7 questions mostly right. We are working on the items he left out of his answers.

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