Monday, June 29, 2009

End of Our First Week

This has been a wonderful week. Bubba has learned a bit more Spanish and is using it properly. We had a field trip to the library where we picked up books on hurricanes, pill bugs, map making, and an Arthur book.

Saturday and yesterday found us at Perdido River. We had a great time swimming, chasing fish and butterflys, walking in the woods, and socializing with other familys. The only problem I have with going out there is that the water is still slightly polluted. I have a feeling people are still Muddin through the river somewhere upstream, as there is a faint oil/gas smell to the water.

Education wise, here is what has been accomplished this week.

*Geography: Bubba was able to place 30 out of the 50 states in the proper area on a blank map. He is able to draw the Continental US very well and add states in his drawing.

*Biology: Learned about freshwater fish (Bass and Catfish) and Butterfly life cycles.

*Ecology: Learned why we do not dump garbage, fuel, oil, and other toxins in unapproved places. Explained the repercussions of litter and unethical dumping.

*Earth Science: Has read and continues to read and learn about hurricanes.

*Physical: Using major muscles to swim, run, and dance.

*Reading: This week Bubba has read Arthur Lost in a Museum, Maps, Pillbugs, Hurricanes- Witness to Disaster by Judy and Dennis Fradin, and Hurricanes by Seymour Simon.

Bubba has been playing educational games at

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