Monday, August 10, 2009

When Life Gets in the Way or Why I am a bad Blogger

Boy did I get behind. I greatly apologize, life happens.

What wonderful opportunities for learning we have had! We have gotten some real first hand knowledge of illnesses, including some that cause rashes and about the life cycles and eating habits of dragonflies.

Yes, we believe that Chicken Pox is alive and well. As is an insane stomach bug. That is truly all I have to say about Summer illness in our home!

We have had several dragonfly pairs lay eggs in our small pond out front. The eggs have hatched and we now have 10 or more very hungry, aggressive dragonfly nymphs. They have attacked and eaten nearly all of the mosquito larvae in there!

I also have a change to report: Our "official" start date is September 14th. I couldn't see beginning before Labor day, so I chose the next Monday. And it IS official...I have sent in the required notice of intent to home educate to the county school district! WOOT! I can't wait, so excited.

I will also have Bubba blog and write on here. So, look forward to seeing his outlook on his home education experience.

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