Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Um, yeah...

So I forgot I had a blog...whoops. We have actually been busy. There have been family members that have left us to go home to God. We have taken trips, done projects and have just had fun.

We had a rough beginning. Our official start day came without issues but it lasted a week before my grandmother fell ill and passed away. Man, I do miss her. We didn't really miss any study time because we were so far ahead anyway.

October brought our lessons on the origins of Halloween and our modern traditions. We also took on studies of the seasons. Math brought new things our way as I decided to take Bubba back to basics...yes, he now does well with place values and line symmetry. I really recommend this site http://www.linkslearing.org . There are areas for students, teachers, and more.

November had us learning about the Pilgrims (a word which I was misspelling until my 6 year old corrected me, lol) and their trip to the New World. That led us to the first Thanksgiving. Math for November has consisted of fractions and addition of larger numbers that require carrying numerals. Bubs is still working on multiplication in his spare time.

We also took a trip in November from Florida to Indiana. It was one big field trip. Give me a bit and I will set an entire post on the trip and what was learned.